16 Jan 2023

Tembo e-LV is pleased to have achieved a significant milestone with its longest-serving Tembo electric Landcruiser, which has just crossed 5 years in active service at an operating mine site for multinational metals, mining, and smelting company, Boliden. 

VivoPower believes this to be the longest actively serving electrified light utility vehicle in the mining industry globally. Having just taken it in for a five-year maintenance and service, the Company looks forward to returning it to deliver further years of safe and reliable service.  

With operating mines in Sweden, Ireland, Finland, and Norway, Nasdaq OEM-listed Boliden is one of the world’s most progressive multinational mining companies, especially in relation to its carbon emissions reduction program.  

The Tembo converted electric Landcruiser has been operating with an uninterrupted safety record in Boliden’s underground Tara mine in Ireland. 

We are grateful for Boliden’s testimonial noting that expectations in relation to safety, reliability, quality and functionality have been met over this period.  

Our entire Tembo e-LV team are honoured to be working with Boliden on our shared mission of helping the mining industry to decarbonise.

More News & Insights to come on the Tembo e-LV website.

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Tembo electric light vehicles (EUV) are the premier 100% electric solution for ruggedised mining, industrial, and commercial applications. We offer safe, high performance off-road electric vehicles with exacting industrial standards. Our mission is to support our clients in their quest to decarbonise their sites in the most demanding outdoor environments.

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