Technical Specs


100% electric means 100% emission-free.

Electric motors mean a comfortable driving experience without gears, but with instant torque and maximum power.

Cost benefits include lower operational costs, on ventilation, for example. Less maintenance costs too because electric vehicles have fewer parts. That translates to less downtime as well.


Digital Instrument Cluster

The digital instrument cluster enhances the Tembo e-LV

  • Operator experience and offers onboard diagnostics 
  • Time in operation
  • Distance driven
  • Service indicator set to workhours
  • kWh used or regenerating
  • Temperature of battery & E-motor
  • Multiple main screens (km/h and/or kWh)
  • Charging status/current in kW
  • Customised logos & background



The original Land Cruiser or Hilux engine, gear, and transfer box are removed and replaced by the E-motor, fitted on a newly-designed Tembo 1:3 reduction gearbox in combination with a genuine Toyota full-time 4x4 transfer box.

This combination eliminates engine oil changes, clutch, and gearbox repair, and no winding up from the front driveline, which will save wear and tear on CV joints and make cornering much smoother.

The E-motor has a huge braking capacity of 75kW, taking over 90% of the vehicle braking, and saving the standard service brakes. 

All components are treated for high corrosion resistance.



The specially-designed Lithium-Ion battery is a modular design, controlled by a BMS (Battery Management System) and is water-cooled and can be heated for subzero areas.

The battery housing is heavy-duty, waterproof, and dustproof. For better weight distribution, the battery pack is divided in two, with one fitted in the front motor compartment and another in the back of the chassis, replacing the diesel fuel tank.

  • Robust and long lifespan: up to 10 years
  • Homogeneous performance in all climate conditions
  • Great safety and reliability
  • Optimised weight and volume for high-vehicle capacity


Customer Supply: 32A @415 V Triple phase: 360-440V, 32A, 20,75kW

Charging time: 2 hours (20%-80%)

The E-Motor recuperates energy up to 75kW back to the battery driving down an incline whilst braking at the same time.

Ready for opportunity charging

Technical Data Tembo e-LV


Capacity: 72kWh (nominal)

Thermal management: Glycol


Electric Power: (Cont./Max.) 65kW/110kW*

Motor Torque: (Cont./Max.) 140Nm/220Nm*

Max RPM: 12.0

Other specifications

Max. Gradeability: 25%*

Range: 180-200km

Gross Vehicle weight: 3400kg

Towing capacity: 2500kg

Gross Combines Mass: 6010kg

Kerb (without tray): 2496kg

Payload: 904kg (GVM-based)

Wheel-base: 3180mm

Transmission type: 4WD, only low gear for mining

Transfer Case: High Gear 1:1 – Low gear 2.488

Wheel Tyre Size: Wheel Size 16” – Tyre Size 7.50R16

Deployment: Off-road only

Gearbox ratio: 23/70 (reduction 3.041)

*Specs are subject to change


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