About Tembo

Tembo is a pioneering electric vehicle company that focusses on designing and building ruggedised electric vehicle solutions for various sectors including mining, infrastructure, utilities, tourism and government services. The company is at the forefront of electric vehicle conversion for some of the most widely used utility vehicle models, including the Landcruiser and Hilux, which are equipped to function in harsh environments.

Tembo is a subsidiary of VivoPower, an award-winning global sustainable energy solutions B Corporation company. In addition to electric vehicle conversion, VivoPower offers turnkey sustainable energy solutions including battery and microgrids, solar and critical power technology and services.
Tembo supplies conversion kits through global partners with coverage across more than 50 countries and all continents. A kit contains all of the parts to convert a vehicle from Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) to electric (EV), which includes the batteries, an e-motor, a reduction box, a charger, software, and many other components that make the converted vehicle work safely and seamlessly.

Our mission it to be the #1 provider of electric utility vehicles for private and public sectors, thus helping our end-users reach their decarbonisation goals. Our high-performance and reliable e-LVs will be the vehicle of choice for our clients’ demanding standards

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Tembo electric light vehicles (e-LVs) are the premier 100% electric solution for ruggedised mining, industrial, and commercial applications. We offer safe, high performance off-road electric vehicles with exacting industrial standards. Our mission is to support our clients in their quest to decarbonise their sites in the most demanding outdoor environments.
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