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Working at Tembo is an unprecedented experience. We have a continuously growing team of 30 highly skilled and ambitious professionals. To keep up to date with all latest developments, our employees have the option to do training and courses to improve their skills. Working at Tembo means working for a fast-growing, dynamic, internationally orientated, and high-tech company with a clear goal of working towards the electrification of heavy duty offroad vehicles. Tembo’s mission is one that has a valuable impact on future generations.


Tembo e-LV is a pioneering electric vehicle company that focusses on designing and building ruggedised electric off-road vehicle solutions with a focus on mining, infrastructure, and government services. The company is at the forefront of electric vehicle conversion for Toyota’s principal models, the Landcruiser and Hilux, which are equipped to function in harsh, off-road environments.

Tembo is a subsidiary of VivoPower which means that aside from electric vehicles, VivoPower offers complete sustainable energy solutions including solar systems, battery technology and microgrids, along with critical power systems services.

In addition to electric vehicles, we also supply conversion kits to our global partners. A kit contains all parts to convert a vehicle from diesel to electric, which includes the batteries, an e-motor, a reduction box, a charger, software, and many other components that make it all work together.

This means that Tembo develops all the parts, such as cable harnesses and DC/DC converters, plus ruggedising the vehicles to fully suit its purpose and use.

The development of the kits is currently based on a Toyota Land Cruiser and soon there will also be a conversion kit available for a Toyota Hilux. Both will be available for offroad and on road purposes after these vehicles go through a homologation process.


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Make power sustainable.

Tembo e-LV B.V.

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The Netherlands
Web: www.temboelv.com
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