Why an electric vehicle?

A Safe Working Environment

Anyone who has been in an underground mine knows how difficult it is to just talk to one another. Along with the exhaust fumes, there is also the inevitable noise pollution from diesel-powered vehicles and the ventilation equipment. Then there is the heat to contend with: combustion engines have an energy use efficiency of approximately 40% and thus generate a lot of heat.

All of these concerns make the Tembo Light Electric Vehicle an effective as well as sustainable solution.

A battery electric vehicle has by definition zero emissions and makes little to no noise. It also generates very little heat given that electric motors have an efficiency of over 90%. Air and noise pollution is minimised, energy is conserved, and the cleaner environment makes working in a mine a lot more appealing for current and new employees alike.

The health, safety, and clean air benefits that come from using electric vehicles has also made regulatory bodies worldwide favour mines that commit to an all-electric underground environment. Making the commitment to go all-electric can result in approvals for permits that would otherwise be denied, and a faster permitting process—both of which are potentially game-changing for mining companies around the world.

Cost Savings

Electrical conversion generates huge savings on operational costs. The more solid reliability of electrical components means that less vehicle maintenance is required and therefore less downtime will occur.

The largest savings can be realised on energy bills, because the energy needed to provide clean and fresh air into the mine and to ventilate the exhaust gases and heat out will be considerably lower when electrically-powered equipment is used. The deeper the mine, the larger the savings.

Transport of fossil fuels and related infrastructure in a mine is also quite costly and potentially hazardous. Electric vehicles can make use of the existing electrical infrastructure for light and ventilation, and the risk to the grid when charging these vehicles is relatively low.

Because ESG compliance has become a key area evaluated by financial institutions, the consistent use of electric vehicles will have a beneficial impact on financing costs and insurance costs. Health & Safety protocol compliance may also reduce legal risk and potential lawsuits.

Comfortable driving experience

Because electric vehicles do not involve gear-changing, there are no jerking movements upon acceleration. The control unit (EVCU) is set to gradually increase the power to the drivetrain, thereby providing not only a smoother ride, but also generating less stress on the driveline. The added EV torque at low speeds can also be clearly appreciated.

By allocating battery capacity between the front and rear of the vehicle, the weight distribution improves and prevents bouncing in the rear of the vehicle, which is a common issue when driving an empty pickup truck.

An electric motor makes almost no sound, benefiting the driver as well as co-workers and surrounding areas.


Many aspects of our EUV can be configured and adjusted to your industry’s needs.

Operational environment temperatures of battery and e-motors may vary from -20 up to +70 degrees Celsius with water cooling and heating engineered for subzero temperature locations. Adjustments and additional kit elements can be applied for even more extreme cold temperatures.

We use certified batteries with heavy duty, water- and dust-proof battery housing to ensure our vehicles can operate in extreme environmental conditions.

The vehicle’s speed limit can be set by accessing the password-protected software on the dashboard’s instrument panel.

The instrument panel offers several fleet management options to keep the electric fleet in optimal condition.

Our custom-designed instrument panel contains the following extra features:

  • Time in operation
  • Distance driven
  • Service indicator set to workhours
  • kWh used or regenerating
  • Temperature of battery and E-motor
  • Multiple main screens (km/h and/or kWh)
  • Charging status/current in kW
  • Customised logos & background
Ruggedisation is also an important set of features which we can implement on all vehicles if needed.

The Tembo e-LV significantly reduces the mine's carbon footprint

Tembo e-LV is a specialist designer and assembler of conversion kits used to convert internal combustion engine vehicles into fully electrified battery electric vehicles. The company currently has a focus on the mining sector and its most prolific vehicles–the Toyota Land Cruiser and Toyota Hilux. Tembo's latest conversion kit is designed for the Land Cruiser and has 72kWh battery capacity / 180klm to 190klm range with a capability to deliver 220Nm of torque and 110kW of power, resulting in more pulling power and hill climbing capabilities than the diesel equivalent predecessor.

In addition to the electrification, the Tembo vehicle electrification kit includes a modernised touch screen display; an improved cooling fan and thermal management circuit (heating and cooling for a wide temperature range); regenerative braking for speed control down hills and recouperation of energy; convenient one pedal driving; and an onboard charger to allow the e-LV to be charged by commonplace AC outlets from 20-80% charge in just two hours.

Additionally, the entire e-LV kit has been designed for overground and underground mining environments which require resistance to high salt (corrosion) exposure, ability to endure very rough driving for extensive periods and emphasis on fire suppression systems and battery safety for fire prevention. Tembo electric light vehicles are being extensively validated for these environments with prototype vehicles which are currently being used by mining customers as well as a full validation programme developed by the original equipment manufacturer. Tembo is also developing telematics to collect driving and mining environment data, engendering a unique advantage for future optimisation and design.

Certified Quality

Our company is ISO9001 (Quality Management System) certified and ISO14001 (Environmental Management System) certified as of 2022.

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Tembo electric light vehicles (EUV) are the premier 100% electric solution for ruggedised mining, industrial, and commercial applications. We offer safe, high performance off-road electric vehicles with exacting industrial standards. Our mission is to support our clients in their quest to decarbonise their sites in the most demanding outdoor environments.

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