Mining Light Vehicle

Our workshop has specialists that customise vehicles upon client specifications. Services include the fitment of:

Load Tray with Crane

Designed and produced in-house, the Tembo 4×4 superstructure is the ideal flatbed platform enhanced for pickup trucks, and ready to take any load or special equipment. It can also be used to support other conversions such as mobile machinery and workshop vehicles servicing mining equipment. Due to its modular structure, its strength surpasses the original bed and offers the toughness and flexibility needed to complete the job.  This is available for popular pickup trucks, including the Toyota Land Cruiser. Our computer-aided design (CAD) workflow enables us to easily adapt it for any application. Tembo 4×4 heavy-duty load trays are an excellent platform to mount a crane or other machinery.

Mobile Office

An example of the Tembo 4×4 superstructure’s adaptability is the remote-control vehicle, which is built to transport the remote-control unit for heavy-duty drills. It offers a comfortable workspace with proper air-conditioning, heating, and an excellent view of the surrounding area, allowing the operator to stay focussed during operations. Additional features are also available such as adaptive LED lights, an extra seat for training and supervision, as well as dedicated storage space for special tools. This mobile office is a comfortable workplace suitable as a remote-control unit when working in dusty or wet environments.

Tembo offers a range of features and benefits, including:

People transporter

Our people transporters are available in 8-seater versions that come with custom interiors. These people transporters are a perfect solution for safely moving more people, visitors in particular, within a mine or other industrial site.

Supervisor vehicle

The Toyota Land Cruiser 76 is the station wagon version of the 70 series. It is best suited for supervisors and can transport smaller items such as emergency first responder equipment that need to be kept safe and dry inside a vehicle. Along with all the standard 70-series accessories, this vehicle can also be fitted with a customised drawer system to keep all the equipment organised.

Explosive transport vehicle

The latest addition to our portfolio is the Toyota Land Cruiser 70 series for the transport of explosive materials. This vehicle helps to safely transport explosives to designated areas in mine sites.