Tim Cochrane

Supplier Quality Engineer

Tim has worked in the Automotive Engineering industry for almost a decade, bringing a range of skills honed at various Automotive OEM’s in the UK. From Nissan to JLR, McLaren Applied and McLaren Automotive, Tim has a wide working knowledge of electro-mechanical, electrical, and high voltage systems; being involved from the start of a project, through to production.

Tim has worked in all roles of the Quality Engineering world, including Quality Engineering, Quality Assurance and Supplier Quality Engineering, with the latter being his preference. Tim finds working with and developing suppliers very rewarding, where both supplier and customer benefit from their development.

Having led the quality and delivery of the high voltage battery and systems in the McLaren Applied Formula E team and being responsible for the quality of all high voltage systems at McLaren Automotive, high voltage systems is Tim’s main area of expertise. It’s a field where the game is constantly changing as new technology is developed at a rapid pace, which easily holds Tim’s interest.

Tim graduated from Coventry University in Motorsport Engineering, alluding to some of his interests outside of work. Cars and motorcycles of all descriptions and technologies are a huge passion of his, which helps him succeed in the Automotive world.

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Tembo electric light vehicles (EUV) are the premier 100% electric solution for ruggedised mining, industrial, and commercial applications. We offer safe, high performance off-road electric vehicles with exacting industrial standards. Our mission is to support our clients in their quest to decarbonise their sites in the most demanding outdoor environments.
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